Benefits of Stevia Leaves Powder

Why sugar or chemicals when you can go for Natural!!

Stevia act as a natural sweetening agent obtained as dried leaves of the plant Stevia bertori and Stevia rebaudiana.

Active principle: Main active components are Steviol glycosides or Steviosides.

However, steviol glycosides are not absorbed by the intestines. They are degraded by the bacteria of the colon into Steviol, which is easily absorbed and transformed in the liver into Steviol Glucuronide which is responsible for its pharmacological actions.

Lowering of blood pressure: Steviosides tends to block calcium channels of the smooth muscle cells, causing vasodilation results in the hypotensive effect.

Lowering of blood glucose level: Anti-hyperglycemic effects of stevioside and steviol result from the stimulation of insulin secretion via direct action on pancreatic B- Islet cells (insulin secreting cell).

Anti- carcinogenicity: Steviol containing Stevioside(48.9%), Rebaudioside A (24.4%) and Rebaudioside C (5.6%) shows Anti-tumor activity in mice.

Anti-Inflammatory action: In our body, cytokines like Tumor Necrosis Factor-α and Interleukin-1B, reactive Free Radicles, Nitric Oxide(NO) play a role during inflammation.
Steviosides tends to inhibit cytokines released and prevents Inflammation.

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