Have you packed salads in your lunch today?

Whenever we think of going on diet, the first thing that comes to our mind is switching to Salads. Ever wondered, why is it so?

All of us are aware of the enormous health benefits that salads offer to us. They are rich in all the important nutrients and are always low-carb, low-fat and help in aiding weight loss. But when it comes to including it our daily meals, we often tend to ignore this power-packed food.

We should always be aware that the salad should be satisfying, colorful, energizing, packed with nutrients, and flavor; a combination of raw and cooked ingredients that we can easily make at home and enjoy all week.

There is not one but many benefits of eating salads every day.

Promotes Good Health
When it comes to a healthy meal which gratifies all the nutrients requirements of our body, we think of a very nutritious, vitamin-packed way to fuel and respect your body- it’s undoubtedly the salad.  Salads not only promote good health but also supply the most important nutrients required our body which is very crucial for our well-being.


Salads Encourage Engagement
You may agree or not but Chopping veggies, washing leaves, cooking proteins, and deciding on tasty combinations are a fun way to engage and allow you to touch, see, smell, and ponder your food.  We deliberately pick up what we like and then customize our own salads.


Salads Save Your Time & Money
Salads are actually cheapest and healthiest foods that can go a long way in promoting good health without hitting hard on your pocket.  There is no hard and fast rule regarding the choice of vegetables or fruits in salads. One may include his/her own choice of veggies and make it customized as per one’s own taste. It may even be prepared as a fireless cooking option and may save time and money big time.


Salads Call For Mindfulness
Just by nature of the crunch, the spearing of leaves with forks, and the collecting little bits of tasty topping, salads aren’t the kind of food you can eat distractedly. They call for attention, and therefore mindfulness, which is a good thing.


Salads Support Local Farmers
Eating fresh, unprocessed food encourages shopping more locally and seasonally, which is good for you, your community, and the environment. When it comes to eating fresh and healthy, there is no equivalent to salads. One good thing about the same is every time you buy green veggies and fruits you help a farmer somewhere and help him earn a living too.

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