Wheat Grass – Your daily dose of greens
Wheatgrass is the young grass of wheat plant, Triticum aestivum. It contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals needed by the human body for health & well being which is why it is considered as a ‘superfood’. Quality Ayurveda...
₹ 799.00 from ₹ 699.00
Ginger Honey
Quality Ayurveda Ginger Honey is made with the juice of fresh ginger and raw honey that will recharge your system to give you that extra push for the day and make you feel better from the inside out. The honey...
from ₹ 399.00
Lemon Honey
Quality Ayurveda Lemon honey is made with raw honey and juice of fresh lemons, which is considered as a healing elixir in the health and wellness world. Both honey and lemon have multiple medicinal values. High levels of vitamin-C in...
from ₹ 399.00
Sleep Elixir - Honey with Pink Salt (for better sleep)
Using the magical powers of Ayurveda & adding a pinch of Pink Rock Salt from the pristine peaks of Himalayas, we made a powerful Honey that gives you an unmatched package of great taste & good health.  Himalayan salt contains...
from ₹ 399.00
Super Saver Combo – Buy Lemon Honey & Ginger Honey Pack
Buy Ginger Honey & Lemon Honey At INR 699 Why Buy Together? Lemon Honey is a natural morning drink that helps in detoxifying the body by flushing out toxins. Consumption of one glass of lukewarm water with lemon and honey...
₹ 798.00 ₹ 679.00
Paurush Daily – for an Active Lifestyle
Stay Youthful – Forever! Using the magical powers of AYURVEDA, We made a powerful blend of 20 time tested herbs & minerals. Upon regular use, it improves strength, stamina & power because everyone deserves a healthy life! Benefits ★ Boosts...
₹ 1,199.00 from ₹ 999.00
Paurush Daily & Wheat Grass
Buy Paurush Daily & Wheat Grass combo at a flat rate of INR 1399 BRAND VALUE – U.S. FDA Registered Entity. All Products comes from WHO GMP certified Why Buy Together?  Quality Ayurveda’s Paurush Daily is made with a powerful blend...
₹ 1,958.00 ₹ 1,399.00
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