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Stay Youthful – Forever! Using the magical powers of AYURVEDA, We made a powerful blend of 20 time tested herbs...
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Stay Youthful – Forever!

Using the magical powers of AYURVEDA, We made a powerful blend of 20 time tested herbs & minerals. Upon regular use, it improves strength, stamina & power because everyone deserves a healthy life!


★ Boosts Stamina and Energy
★ Repair Cells. Helps in Muscle Growth
★ Promotes Viguor & Vitality
★ Known to Improve Testosterone Levels
★ Relieves Stress & Anxiety
★ Combats Fatigue – Stay Fresh & Active Always

100% Natural. Premium Quality Product


One Life – Many Role

Paurush Daily is Ideal for ALL !

Because of hectic lives & busy schedules, we miss on proper nutrition, essential for our body’s growth & wellness, Whether you’re a Busy Professional, Sportsman or a Body Builder. If you feel weak & lazy and your body lacks nutrition – its the easiest way to nurture it. A must for Smokers & People who consume alcohol frequently


Power of Shilajit, Swarn Bhasma & Kesar in 1 Capsule

Each Tablet contains

Kesar 15mg Makardhwaj 20mg Ashwagandha 100mg Safed Muesli 25mg Kali Muesli 25mg Shudh Shilajit 20mg Swarn Bhasm 10 mg Kauch beej 30 mg Satavar 40mg Akkarkara 30mg Gokshru 30mg Jaiphal 20mg Lavang 20 mg Dalchini 20 mg Vidan kand 20 mg Sankh Pushpi 30 mg Ras sindur 10 mg Ambar 3mg  Abrak Bhasm 17 mg Makshik Bhasm 20 mg




Why Quality Ayurveda

U.S. FDA Registered Company. All Products comes from WHO GMP Certified Facility


Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person. This product is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease



 How many tables are there in a bottle?

   60 capsule

 How to use it?

  Take 2 capsules with lukewarm water or milk at bedtime.

‣ Can we take it regularly or not?
   Yes, it’s safe & effective for regular use. You can use it for as long as required.

‣ What is the main purpose of this tablet?

  It helps you to increase strength & stamina.

‣ Can you hide my name from parcel?
 Yes. We do offer discreet shipping. Don’t forget to mention it while placing your order & we’ll keep it a secret.

‣ Is this a vegetarian product?

‣ Is it for unmarried or married couples??


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